Thursday, June 2, 2011

Am I a Nice Girl?

Last night as we were about to say prayers, I was again the last one to put my finger on my nose, but I argued that I ALWAYS have to say the prayer, if not for being fast enough, to being the people pleaser and just saying it because I dont like the awkward silence. Well last night I said I wasn't doing it. My roommates tried to guilt me into saying it and just waiting until I caved. They got pretty close, but I stood my ground(its the small victories). Then this morning as I was doing my morning routine I checked and saw this article, and since I'm always up for highlighting my good qualities I thought I'd read it, ummm not what I was expecting. But slide 2 caught me- hello- could have just posted a picture of me, and then the slide about perfect food...
I went home for lunch and told Cindy about it. Its now on hold at the library, but Cindy was sure to remind me that it probably doesn't have any pictures- not sure how far I'll get into it. Maybe this will teach me to say 'no' and be competitive, well its worth a shot. right?


Keep It Real said...

so what are the pros and cons of being a nice girl

Anonymous said...

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