Thursday, March 31, 2011

One of these things is not like the others

The past two days I've spent the evenings with my Nieces and Nephews. On the way to a roller skating party Tues night I took 3 of Kelly's boys. Josh(6) asked why my boyfriend never goes anywhere with me. I said I don't have one. He was shocked. Jake(11) and Cam(9) chimed in and said I needed to get one, so they could have someone jump on the trampoline with them. The last boyfriend to jump with them was more than 5 yrs ago, they still ask about him sometimes. Josh then reminded me that I am the ONLY(his emphasis) one in the family that didn't have a husband. Thanks Josh, never realized that. =) As we were getting out of the car Jake and Cam reassured me that its okay I don't have a husband, because I'm fun. Thanks guys.
Then last night I went to hangout with Libby's 5 and on the drive back to her house(they drove down to mine) Grace(7) and I we chatting and she asked if my husband lived with me in my house. Again I said I don't have a husband, to which she replied, but you have a house, you're a mom (anyone that's not a kid and is female is a mom) and a car and did you know everyone else in your family is married with a husband? you should probably get on that. Thanks Grace, why don't you play with your pollys.

I guess I should quit twiddling my thumbs and get on that, at least for the kids' sake.

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DiaNe said...

oh kids. They say the damndest things! Next time they ask, you should say "I do have a boyfriend, but his wife doesn't know about it..."