Thursday, June 24, 2010

Lincoln and Dear John

Yesterday was my Statistics final and hopefully I passed. I wont know until I email my professor what I got, so i'm waiting until Monday so I can enjoy the Lehi parade. I put something down for each question so cross your fingers it was the right answer. Cindy also left for home for 3 weeks so I have the place to myself. To celebrate being done with Statistics I rented some chick flicks- ones Cindy wont watch(she wont watch a movie if theres a chance she will cry). I heard from a friend the Dear John wasn't as sad as I thought it would be so after class I redboxed it and sat down. Boy was she wrong, I cried the entire movie! if not for the relationship he has with his father but for the DUMB, shes not good enough girl that he settles for, story. I don't know if it was because he was a soldier or what, but umm it was way sad, enough that I got a headache from crying about it. - side note, the main chick isn't that cute and isn't a pretty crier.

But on a happier note Tuesday night Libby told me about a Lincoln event at the Orem Library.
Special Patriotic Event: Imagining Lincoln Beyond The Myth
Join UVU President Matthew Holland and sculptor Daniel Fairbanks for this program honoring one of our nation's greatest presidents. While President Holland speaks about Lincoln's life and service, Professor Fairbanks will sculpt a bust of Lincoln. Come gain a new appreciation for the nation's 16th president.
It was awesome. There were a few things that he mentioned that really caught my attention. He pulled up a list of the casualties of all of the wars America has fought in. Most will say that WWII had the most but in fact the Civil War did. He said the account they have is the US Federal amount, those would only account for Union soldiers, so he said if we doubled that amount to account for the Confederate side, just as an estimate because there were more than that, it would show the real amount. He also said for the number of people (Union and Confederate) living in the US at the time the chance of dying was 1 in 25 people- not soldier population, but citizens of the US. Wow!!! If you think about it, 1 in 25. that's like 1 in every classroom. Or 1 out of my family + 6 friends. Odds were not good.

But it was awesome and the guy (Fairbanks) doing the face of Lincoln started with the face of a young Lincoln and as Pres. Holland talked he aged him so when Holland finished it was the Lincoln we all know. They filmed it so I don't know if they'll have it up on the library's site or not.

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Layla said...

I loved Dear John. It made me miss the south alot.