Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Maybe im not meant to be a 'crafter'

Here's a shot of Kelly at Rio after the March for Babies!Last week was kinda rough, so when I need to relax or clear my mind I go to Home Depot or Lowes to the lumber section. Something about the smell relaxes me. As I was walking through the isles planning for the table i want to make this summer, I found some 12" stakes and crafting ideas started popping in, making the previous thoughts vanish. I thought I could make a crafty like fence for the entertainment center spring look. So i got 7 stakes and sand paper. I looked at the hinges and they wanted a 1.00 apiece. This was supposed to be a cheap fence (the 7 stakes together were 1.75) So I scrapped them and went to Kelly for advice she said to use wire. I went to Roberts and found wire(2.00) but really wanted hinges so I looked there and they had them for .20 each!!!! Got home and spray painted, didn't really need the sandpaper, maybe next craft. As I started to assemble them I thought i would alternate the hinges, and the first two went by quickly but as I started with the 3rd that's where the fun started. So there are some with a few holes, but you really cant see them and at 11:30 last night I thought about spraying them again to give a finished look but I really didn't care.

this is where extra holes were made.

not paying close attention to which alternating spot or side to place them.


The blister I got from the tiny screwdriver

I tried loading this picture several times, somethings up with Blogger.

different pic but better angle


Kelly said...

if you really appreciate my ideas so much, why put that filthy, nasty picture of me on your blog?!? I think your share of the 'craft skills/supplies fee' just went up to $20!

brossettelewis said...

If you didn't wear toddler hats maybe your head wouldn't look so long?