Friday, January 22, 2010

Crafting lately

Kelly's birthday at Olive Garden, theme 80's- crafted costume.

Mardi Gras wreath- mostly from Hobby Lobby. Went with Charles and even though I was hiding my face from embarrassment of Charles goofing off, it was the best time I've ever had at Hobby Lobby.

This was a project I wanted to finish before Christmas, but I just finished it a week ago. I love the painting of Jesus in a manger. I think sometimes we don't really think of him as a baby, and Mary looking down at a 7lb give or take newborn knowing that something so small and helpless will be the Savior of the World. I came across this list of all of the names used for Jesus Christ, pick my favorites and made my own. The paper and mounting square thing was found at Roberts. Frame from Target (thanks Manda) and holder at Hobby Lobby.


DiaNe said...

how pretty you all are! Abby, that picture is beautiful. Will it fit in with all your Americana?

Charles said...

Goofing off at Hobby Lobby is a skill i've honed over the many, many, long years of my life whilst being drug from store to store looking for that one particular item that just must be had.