Friday, October 24, 2008

Meredith makes a great point

I love The Office.

Meredith has a blog on their website that I rarely ever check but I am bored. The title was Relationships. I'm guessing in response to last nights show. Here is an excerpt from her blog. I really liked the last paragraph of the entry. It has to do with my previous blog entry. My favorite part is the last sentence.

It’s called game. And I got plenty. Good thing too, ‘cause sometimes a man wants you bad but he just doesn’t know it yet. That’s when you school him. At my age, I can’t just rely on my good looks. Those attributes get me in the door, but it’s my womanly guiles and determination that seal the deal. I refuse to take “oh hell no” for an answer. With time, plenty of tequila, and some dim lighting, I always wear them down. And you can too. Just be really really persistent and remember that someone else’s trash may turn out to be your treasure.

A bit has been deleted due to not being blog appropriate, but you get the point.

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